Letter From the C.E.O

Message from the KATS CEO
One of my passions is to ensure that we in this industry ensure that apprenticeships across the country come together and collaborate on common issues, ideas and best practices. Hence why we started a Facebook page to serve as a platform to have meaningful dialogue. It is a MUST to promote apprenticeships as a viable career choice.
Apprenticeships is the foundation of our country. Almost everything you see around you is as a result of apprenticeships across the various industries. The vehicle you drive which must be designed, built and maintained involves apprenticeships. It is also one of my goals to educate as many Apprentices to ensure we don’t widen the skills gap that already exists in our trade.
This career choice must not been taken lightly as it is important to you for your own long-term sustainability, but more importantly is the skills set that you apply every day that makes our economy successful. As I have eluded to apprenticeships are the backbone of our country, we truly need more people to build this vital function in our industry.
To clear up some misconception about this trade, I often hear young people express concerns how they are influenced by family and friends who want their loved ones to become Doctors, lawyers, etc. What a pity. The motor trade (like all others) has stringent requirements to enter this trade. One needs the aptitude (engineering insight) to enter this trade. These can be found on our website. There are many options available for those who choose apprenticeships as a career choice. Once again our staff are on hand to provide you with the relevant advice.
Trades are also financially rewarding (support you and your family) and has unlimited opportunities for you to apply your skills sets. It is usually physical however with technological advances in recent times we have sophisticated equipment that aids our everyday work. Training is also on hand to use these pieces of equipment.
Speaking of technological advances lately, we have seen rapid changes in the motor industry covering new vehicle designs and the technology that makes them work better. This is why it is important for vehicle Technicians to come to the college and get this training to gain better insights in these areas of change. Vehicle manufacturer(s) and employers spend a lot of time and effort ensuring their staff are trained to better understand this rapidly changing industry.
Apprentices will spend most of their learning on the job. The best and most important thing to do is to make sure you as an Apprentice gets the full scope of the trade whilst at work. The other time will be spent at our College learning the technical components of the trade. In other words students learn their theoretical components of the trade that underpins the knowledge they have gained on the job. Students will be given the opportunity to practically work on various components of vehicles/trucks at the college (under the guidance of an instructor) to ensure they gain the necessary technical and engineering insight required to excel in their job. To support our students learning journey we also provide online assessments (gap assessments) and make available online video material to ensure they grasp the concepts being taught.
Our trade is well regulated and you can expect nothing but the best standards and practices applied in our everyday work.
KATS is a Decentralised training and Testing facility. Our qualifications are recognised provincially, nationally and even internationally (and are accredited through merSETA).
Steven Meyer

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