Adopt-A-School Update

Adopt a School

Adopt-A-School-LPerhaps a good place to start is with the company itself and what are some of the initiatives that are undertaking give back to our community. As part of KATS’s corporate responsibility we are proud to be involved with an initiative called “adopt a school” in association with CMH to get involved and help the Kwamakhutha high school in assisting with the building of a brand-new science laboratory after being approached by the school principal directly. Since the school’s inception well over 40 years never been a science lab on the premises. On the Promize of importance to physical science and its relevance to CMH and KATS the application underwent the project name “adopt the school”. A successful collaboration between the between interested parties raised the necessary funds in order to ensure the success of this project.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ Martin Luther King, Jr.


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